Amram Ebgi

Amram Egbi, Israeli/American (b.1939 ) is an International Artist, craftsman, and master printer. He has been considered a visionary whose imagination combines the warmth of sensitive feelings with light and the complexities of life with subtle structure. He is a true technician who skillfully translates such rare and delightful concepts with inks onto paper for all to see. His art is available in Lithographs, Etchings, Watercolor, Oil, Giclee, Copper, and in many other media.Master Printmaker and Sculptor Amram Ebgi has been creating beautiful Art for decades, bringing the deeply symbolic and beloved images of his rich Jewish Heritage to a growing legion of fans worldwide. His intricately detailed masterpieces are bursting with the colors of life, imbued with a joyous passion that radiates out from every image. Ebgi is truly an Ambassador of the Arts, with his exquisite work commissioned by UNICEF; permanently displayed in the Museum Collections of Yale, Princeton and UCLA (just to name a few!); exhibited by museums and collected by avid fans in countries all around the world.

Available Works