James Talmadge

Los Angeles-born, Malibu-dwelling, Canadian resident, raconteur, world traveler and celebrated artist to the stars, James Talmadge has led an incredibly colorful and adventurous life which, of course, directly informs his vibrant and highly collectable artwork.

A big fan of all things Japanese, as well as something of a small-town hero over there, Talmadge is also one of the few American visual artists to be invited to Cuba and shake hands with Fidel Castro. He also donates his time and artwork to such prestigious organizations as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, The John Wayne Cancer Center, Meals on Wheels, and Free Arts for Abused Children, just to name a few.

James Talmadge’s style follows somewhat along the lines of the neo-impressionist school of thought, but of course, his style is all his own. Lush, quirky, exquisitely detailed and brash, Talmadge’s work corners the market on art you simply just have to have. Talmadge and his wife moved to Ontario, Canada some years ago, where the breathtaking winter terrain inspires him to create even more amazing artwork on a daily basis.

Available Works