Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov was born in Vitebsk, Belarus in 1955. At an early age, he displayed an aptitude for art. He was encouraged to pursue his natural talent. Afremov then attendedwhere he studied in the arts and graphics department. During his years at school, the Vitebsk Education Institute, he was introduced to the works of Chagall, Picasso, and Dali, all of whom would heavily influence his work. After completing his studies, Afremov worked as a label designer for a local beer and liquor factory and as a set designer for the local theater. The Cold War climate and the Communist regime was not a nurturing environment for Afremov’s creative process, and in 1990 he moved to Israel with his family. Afremov then moved his family yet again, this time to Florida.

Available Works