Lili Rilik-Andrieux

Lili Rilik-andrieux Abraham, Was Born in Berlin to a Wealthy, Cultured Family. She Studied Art in Berlin From 1933 to 1937 and in 1938 Went to Paris to Continue Her Studies at the Acadamie Ranson.In May 1940 She Was Taken to a Transit Center in and in June Sent to Gurs, Where She Was Held Until March 1941. She Then Moved to the Terminus Hotel in Marseille, Where Women and Children Were Kept Under Surveillance While Waiting for Immigration Permits. In September 1941 She Was Interned in Gurs for a Second Time up to November 1941, When She Was Returned to the Terminus Hotel. There She Remained Until August 1942. During August and September 1942, Along With All the Other Women and Children Who Had Been Kept in Hotels in Marseille, She Was Sent to the Camp at Les Milles. She Contracted Typhus and Was Hospitalized in Aix-en-provence. After Her Discharge From Hospital She Joined the Underground.After the War She Remained in Aix-en-provence Until 1946, Working As a Translator for the American Army.

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