Shmuel Katz

Shmuel Katz was born in Vienna in 1926. After he escaped from a concentration camp during WWII, He went into hiding in Hungary. At the end of the war, He attempted to migrate to Palestine with a group of illegal immigrants. They were intercepted by the British, and deported to a displaced persons’ camp in Cyprus. It was in this camp that Katz discovered his artistic talents. He began drawing to pass the time; shortly after, his art was exhibited in Cyprus.
Shmuel Katz moved to Israel in 1947, he put his artistic interests aside in order to help found Kibbutz Gaaton in 1948, and to fight in the War of Independence. He did not return to creating art until the early fifties, when he was asked to illustrate a children’s magazine. Later, his Kibbutz sent him to study art in Paris, to explore his artistic needs. Since returning to Israel, Katz has devoted his life to drawing and painting, while remaining loyal and active within the Kibbutz.

Available Works