Stanley Mouse

Born Stanley George Miller in Fresno, California, artist Stanley Mouse, as he’s better known, grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he was expelled from high school in 1956 for “graffiti” on the facade of the local hangout. Finishing school at the Society for Arts and Crafts, Mouse was fascinated by the burgeoning airbrushing and hot rod scene, painting T-shirts, cars and bikes, and meeting other artists like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth (1932-2001), and californian Rick Griffin (1944-1991). Roth would soon make his iconic Weirdo Hot Rod art famous, and across the country, Griffin and Mouse along with other artists like partner Alton Kelley discovered the psychedelic scene up in San Francisco. Inspired by Art Nouveau graphics Mouse and friends began producing super-trippy psychedelic concert posters for concert promoter Bill Graham and bands like the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Beatles and Journey – Mouse and Kelley are credited with creating the Dead’s world famous Skeleton and Roses theme. Mouse’s cover art for Steve Miller’s album “Book of Dreams” won a Grammy Award in 1977. Today, Mouse lives in Sonoma County and features his work at Rockin’ Roses Gallery alongside the creations of rock stars-turned-artists like Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart.

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