Zina Roitman

Zina Roitman was born in 1944 in Moldavia, which at that time was still a part of the Soviet Union. At the ‘Academy of Art’ in Kishenev she studied classical drawing, painting and graphics. Her approach to art was inspired by greats such as Vasarely, Matisse, Picasso and Chagall, Japanese art also captured her interest. In 1974, Roitman moved to Israel. She spent twelve years focusing on aquarelle techniques and tdeveloping new methods of toning and shading. Using shiny tones, Roitman creates a glossy hue; and using a pastel palette, she produces a matt one. All the while, she gives her colors a transparency and clarity, crafting a quality of sharpness and vividness into the drawing. Aside from painting original works, she also experiments with graphic techniques. Roitman has found great sucsess with silkscreen serigraphs in which she utilizes a specialized gouache technique to carry out the graphical work. Her pieces have been shown in numerous exhibitions in various Israeli galleries.

Available Works